Live Video Streaming

Your own TV Channel.

you could use skype. Or adobe connect. or cisco webex. heck, there are tonnes of video conferencing apps out there.
we continue to work with clients across all these platforms - and they all have their place. but...
often we find projects that just do not work on these platforms. so we went off to our cave and plotted.

we found a service to stream to the viewers directly - no apps, just a browser - on mobile devices, smart-tvs, anything that can open a webpage. we had thought about buying the now defunct BBC3 channel space, but instead we found ourselves a white-label service. we encode and uplink to this, then the feed can be embedded on to any webpage.
so, you can put it on your website, or, we can host it on ours with a dedicated link. or indeed, since we're pretty clever with websites, we could build and host a specific domain, like, and have the video there. want it password protected? no problem, we can do that. some viewers on mobile devices, or slow internet connections? no problem, the system transcodes a range of streams suitable for a multitude of connection types.
and afterwards we transfer the whole recording onto our secure private vimeo page so that you can view/download/embedded as required.

we call that a real end-to-end solution.

Here is a link to how one of our customers has distributed a live-stream after their event:

the videos here are a couple of the public streams we've done, showing our work. all the production elements of these are in-house - sound, lighting, cameras, stream.

with prices starting at £128.00 set-up and £20/hr of streaming* - you could start reaching a whole load of people sooner than you think.

*terms & conditions apply (obviously), best get in touch below...



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