Video Production

Video is Everywhere

we film, produce & edit lots of different video content every week.
from supplying a single camera crew for live-to-screen for events to filming to advertise your product or service on social media.
take a look at our short 'show-reel' here to get a flavour of what we do...

presentation capture

one of our most popular services is capturing live presentations for post-event distribution, ideal for training events and cascading content...

screenshot of live streaming
(yes, we blurred out the confidential stuff, you get the idea though)

what's this then? Well, that's the live PPT from the screen on the left, there's the live image on the right, and the background has been designed 'on-brand' by us to hold it all together. The background provides the presentation details under the live image and legal stuff at the bottom. Nice and clear. full-HD.

this is a great way to capture a presentation for distribution without a whole heap of post-production to put the slides in. give us a call about how we can do that for you.

this capture system also works well with our live-stream system.



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